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Psychology Cares provides specialist mental health care and wellbeing services to children aged from 1 years old to 10 years old. Our child specialist services assess, treat and aim to promote optimal functioning for all children, including those with mild to moderate psychological disorders. 

Through our assessment services, we also assist and support children, parents and their carers in conjunction with other health experts. Working in collaboration to ensure the best care is being provided for our children. 

Childhood is a time of growth, development and opportunity. Mental health difficulties estimated to affect at least 10% of children and young people worldwide pose a significant barrier to children realising their potential throughout their lives [World Health Organisation, 2023]. 

These barriers can seem complex and insurmountable. This may be due to factors such as problems arising at different ages and stages of development, placing demands on the growing child and their families and carers. Understanding the needs of children demands not only synthesising clinical knowledge and practice with cutting edge and informed research, but also requires creativity and imagination so we can ensure that we can meet the needs of all of our children.

Child Wellbeing Outcomes by Country:

Gromada, A., Rees, G., &; Chzhen, Y. (2020). Worlds of Influence: Understanding What Shapes Child Well-being in Rich Countries (pp. 1–64). Florence, Italy: UNICEF.

Key Facts for Children's Mental Health:

70% of children who experience mental health problems have not received appropriate intervention

17% of children under 6 years old suffer from a mental disorder

12.5% children show more internalising problems than externalising problems in Singapore

10% of children in the UK and 20% of children in America have a clinically diagnosable mental health condition

Resilience is strongly associated with mental health in children and adolescents

Around the world children under 12 years old are generally happy

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