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Our clinical services for couples at Psychology Cares incorporates evidence-based practices with pioneering theories and treatment models developed by our Centre for Research and Clinical Innovation [CRCI]. Our specialist services aim to address a spectrum of complex relationship dynamics striving for optimisation by enhancing communication, connection, and mutual growth in all aspects of your relationship.

A significant amount of couples experience relationship difficulties such as communication breakdowns, trust issues, and intimacy concerns [Very Well Mind Survey, 2023]. These relationship difficulties can lead to a sense of hopelessness and loneliness. Research consistently demonstrates a close link between strong, supportive relationships and positive mental health but unhappy relationships have a significant negative impact on a person’s mental health [Mental Health Foundation, 2022].  

Our innovative approach through the integration of neuroscience and psychological sciences, enables us to reroute and rewire your neural pathways, enhancing emotional regulation and empathy in couples.

At Psychology Cares, we go beyond crisis intervention. We believe in proactive relationship care. By focusing on neuroscience-informed strategies, we empower couples not only to navigate challenges, but to grow and foster a relationship that continues to evolve and strengthen over time. Explore our Relationship Coaching page to unlock the full potential of your relationship.

Key Facts for Couples Mental Health:

There is a bidirectional relationship between depression and conflict in a relationships

The most common problems in relationships are communication issues and managing conflict

Women tend to employ emotion regulation strategies to mitigate negative mental health symptoms, and as such, relationship building and satisfaction can be crucial in women’s mental health

Men's relationships are influenced by perceived independence and a reluctance to seek emotional support, with coping strategies for depressive symptoms often involving increased activity that may distance them from partners, diminishing overall satisfaction.

Healthy romantic relationships serve as a protective factor against poor mental health.

Couples who engage in therapy together have better outcomes than 80% of couples who do not engage in therapy.

Couples Clinical Services
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