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Older Adults Clinical Services (65+ Years)

At Psychology Cares, we provide specialised clinical services for older adults with a focus on recovery, adaption, optimisation and resilience. Regardless of seeming losses, including that of functioning, which can be stereotypically and  exclusively associated with ageing, our goal is to improve performance and functioning in older adults so they can continue to live a life full of fulfilment, opportunity and growth in spite of impairments and challenges. 

The World Health Organisation reports that the ageing population will double by 2050, therefore it is increasingly important to understand the needs of older individuals [The World Health Organisation, 2023]. Significant life changes during old age, such as losing loved ones or decline in physical health, negatively impact the mental health of older adults leading to high prevalence of anxiety and depression [Pan American Health Organisation, 2023]. Additionally, the stigma surrounding mental health difficulties prevents many older adults from receiving appropriate intervention. 

Working in collaboration with other health services, we ensure the mental health of older adults is never overlooked. As older adults are more likely to experience a number of comorbid physical health conditions, Psychology Cares provides a comprehensive care plan which combines both the mental health and physical health of older adults [Age UK, 2019]. 

Key Facts for Older Adults Mental Health:

Social isolation and loneliness have a significant negative impact on older people’s physical and mental health as well as their quality of life

Over 20% of older adults suffer from mental or neurological diseases

Older adults are more likely to be diagnosed with affective disorders than younger adults

The quality of interpersonal relationships and social activities significantly affect the mental health of older adults

In the UK, older adults reported higher levels of happiness compared to middle-aged adults

Successful ageing is defined as “low probability of disease, high cognitive and physical function, and active engagement with life” - Rowe & Khan 1997

Older Adults Clinical Services
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