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Because Your Success Matters

Contribute to Our Clinical Services Across the Human Lifespan

You can contribute to our clinical work which is not only focused on understanding complex neuropsychological and other health related disorders, but how to improve health and wellbeing at every stage of life.

Contribute to the Field of Neuroscience of Business & Organisational Psychology

With Centre for Research & Clinical Innovation and LifeLab

Contribute to Our Centre for Research & Clinical Innovation (CRCI)

Promoting education & learning through knowledge sharing, supervision, teaching, training, & developing free access resources & tools for patients, clinicians, trainers & academics

Contribute to Our LifeLab Research. Connecting Cutting Edge Neuroscience with Everyday Life

LifeLab, called LiL, was established in 2007 in the United Kingdom. It was designed to investigate the interplay between complex neuropsychological human structures, functions, mechanisms, and processes. 

Contribute to Learning & Knowledge Sharing

Promoting education & learning through knowledge sharing, supervision, teaching, training, & developing free access resources & tools for patients, clinicians, trainers & academics

Contribute to Our Local & International Projects. Making Excellence in Clinical Care Accessible

Acting locally and thinking globally is important because together we can matter and change not only our lives but the lives of others. Contribute to our projects in your local community or across the globe where your skills, abilities, and dedication can help to change the world for someone.

Contribute to Our Psychology Cares Magazine. Making Cutting Edge Clinical Research Accessible

Psychology Cares magazine helps to connect our clinical work with research & application. But, most importantly, it aims to connect our understanding and insights with the world.

Contribute to Digital Knowledge Sharing via Social Media & Film Making

Sharing our insights & vision with the world because connections matter

Why Work With or Contribute To Psychology Cares?

Why Work With Psychology Cares?

Psychology Cares was initially conceived in 2001, inspired by the possibility that as an individual we can make a difference to the lives of others. We all have important  qualities, abilities and skills, when shared and connected can make a difference in the world.

All big things start with simple steps and imagination is the cornerstone from which new realities can be conceived.

If you want to make a difference and have the ability to dedicate your qualities to this goal, then join us. Because Together We Can Matter.
Who is Suitable? Videographers , Video Editors , Photographers , IT Experts & Computer scientists , Researchers , Musicians & Producers , Doctors & Medical Professionals , Project Managers , Psychologists , Mathematicians , Engineers , Neurologists
You can be a scientist, a researcher or a clinician. A dreamer or a doer. But most of all, you must be a person committed to linking excellence with care, thought with practice and vision with reality.

You should be willing to share your skills and willing to learn new ones, notwithstanding your experience or expertise. You could be an artist, a musician, a filmmaker  or someone from the natural sciences, an architect, a doctor or even a psychologist.

We value organisational skills and life experiences and the willingness to do and be better. Because Growth Matters.
What Attributes
Qualities You Will Need?
A willingness to strive to be better for yourself and
dedication to making the world better for others.
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What Abilities & Skills You Will Need?

 Organisational Skills

  Motivational Skills

  The Ability to Learn New Skills & Develop Your Knowledge

  Digital & Technology Expertise

  Excellent Writing, Creative &
Editorial Skills

How Can You Contribute?

Our Projects

Work on our conceptual, theoretical clinical & practice-based research projects

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IT Systems & Tools

Help us to develop innovative clinical, research & learning IT tools & systems

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Pay it Forward

Connect & communicate globally & locally. Help us to improve mental health and wellbeing using social & digital media tools

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Digital Magazine & Publications

Contribute to our cutting edge research publications, making it accessible & to all

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Videography & Filmmaking

Contribute to connecting insight with vision. Help us to bring theory into practice & wellbeing in motion pictures.

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What is in it for You?

 Enhance Your CV

 Develop Your knowledge

 Enhancement of Skills & Career Development

 Employment Opportunities

  Learn New Skills

  Make a Positive Impact in World & to Lives of Others 

  Improve Career Opportunities

  CPD Accreditation