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Staff Healthcare

At Psychology Cares, we offer a variety of services to support your staff’s health. Employees can suffer from a range of difficulties such as performance anxiety, mental health difficulties, and physical health difficulties with comorbid issues which affect performance and functioning. Staff referred to our services will receive personalised experiences designed to assist them in addressing their specific difficulties.

In the UK, over 35 million working days were lost in 2022 due to ill-health and workplace injuries [Health and Safety Executive, 2023]. The World Health Organisation estimates around 12 billion working days are lost per year globally due to mental health difficulties[The World Health Organisation, 2022]. These statistics underscore the detrimental effects of inadequate staff healthcare on businesses. By actively addressing and treating both physical and mental health concerns among staff, businesses stand to gain increased overall productivity.

The primary goal of our Staff Healthcare services is to mitigate staff absences resulting from poor mental and physical health. Through assessing, formulating, and treating a range of health difficulties, we prepare staff for an effective return to work. We aim to promote resilience and optimisation, helping individuals adapt to their circumstances and overcome the challenges and difficulties they face in relation to their poor mental and/or physical health.

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Staff Healthcare

We provide referral and treatment services for staff who are suffering with poor mental or physical health, and issues relating to performance and functioning.

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Through analysing human behaviour, we help businesses identify areas for growth, patterns in consumer behaviour, and what to avoid.


Leveraging neuroeconomic principles, Leveraging neuroeconomic principles, we interpret data and forecast emerging patterns, providing your company with the foresight needed to make informed and strategic decisions.

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