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Culture Of Attachment: From East To West

June, 17, 2022

Let there be light: The moment of creation

  • In this article we will explain the architecture of human mind.
  • Critical periods
  • The nature nurture debate–> WZ’s model, the end of this debate –> Sequencing & hierarchical shifts across the developmental trajectory
  • Mind vs Brain
  • Regulation & Homeostats, the region of the brain eg the lybic regions and association and he conditioning mechanisms
  • Personality construction –> genetics vs environmental conditions –> Are we made or do we become
  • Attachment system is really a motivational system –> This is where we can insert WZ model of attachment –> look for more detail of this model –> it explains how this has an overarching impact not only on a person’s life but across genetic configuration e.g. effects of breeding in dogs characteristics e.g. long legs, short legs etc.
  • Attachment systems alter genes, brain structures and behavior and can be thought as a critical feature in evolutionary pathways.
  • And can be thought as a metatheory that explains a range of factors
  • However does not really explain variation, deviation, areas like resiliency
  • It also does not look at the effects of the fathers and how this impacts the regulatory systems in complex mammals
  • The interactive effect has been shown by WZ’s research


The theory behind the article