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At Psychology Cares, we create and share our understanding through documentaries, podcasts, interviews & programmes, in which we explore and review theories and treatment models for a range of disorders and health issues, affecting all of us.

Because, at Psychology Cares, we believe that sharing and connecting with you matters.

Media & Broadcasting

Media & Broadcasting

Media & Broadcasting

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Treatment & Recovery

Growth along with treatment, recovery & optimisation. Psychology Cares believes in discovering the person, not just the problem.


Support and Development

Recognising, supporting & developing effective treatment & care approaches from around the world. Psychology Cares believes that clinical innovation is the result of connecting with leading clinicians globally.


Accessible and Flexible

Accessible & flexible care developed around your needs, from online therapy to residential retreats. At Psychology Cares we have designed our services to help you reach your goals, while fitting around your busy daily life. Alternatively, we can offer you the space to get away.

Psychology Cares Production

Insight with vision


The Centre for Research and Clinical Innovation (CRCI) at Psychology Cares is committed to excellence in research with the aim of changing lives through innovation, new insights & the joy of discovery. The CRCI aims to bridge science, research & clinical innovation, whilst striving to connect our research with human experience in a way which is accessible…

Research (CRCI & LiL)

  1. Bringing life into research & research into life by making research meaningful, relevant & accessible in our daily lives.  
  2. Exploring & defining new frontiers of clinically relevant research from an empirical base.
  3. Commitment to crossing boundaries of culture & disciplines, to enhance learning from all facets of human knowledge.
  4. We believe scientific research can challenge prejudice & break barriers, helping us to discover our true potential.


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