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At Psychology Cares, our clinical family services are dedicated to healing your family and encouraging growth and optimisation. Using evidence-based treatment models, developed by our Centre for Research and Clinical Innovation [CRCI], we guide families through the challenges they face to build stronger, healthier connections.  

Families face a multitude of challenges such as adjusting to separation, divorce or bereavement, moving house, financial worries, and dealing with mental health difficulties of family members. Children, in particular, are sensitive to family dynamics and can be negatively affected by unresolved conflicts if they do not have appropriate outlets for their emotions [Department for Work and Pensions, 2021]. 

Family members play a crucial role in recognising signs of mental health issues in their loved one. Through collaborative efforts with patients and their families, our services focus on assessing, identifying, and treating underlying issues.  We aim to enhance communication strategies and empower families with the tools to navigate conflicts constructively. Our overarching goal is to build resilience within families, promoting positive change and contributing to the development of a healthy family dynamic.

Key Facts for Families Mental Health:

Poor parental mental health has been associated with poor outcomes in children

½ of all children born in the UK today will experience family breakdown

Family resilience refers to the ability of the family to endure and recover from stressful events, emerging with increased strength and resourcefulness.

A positive relationship between grandparent and grandchild can mitigate some of the negative impact parental depression has on children.

Depressive symptoms in teenagers have a significant negative impact on family functioning, and poor family functioning can increase symptoms of depression in teenagers.

Maternal mental health problems significantly negatively impact their relationship with their partners and their children, and can lead to family breakdown.

Families Clinical Services
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