Our Projects

Our Projects

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Snowy Mountains

A starry night

Look up at the night sky, and find yourself immersed in the amazing mountain range of Aspen.


Misty mornings

Capture the stunning essence of the early morning sunrise in the Californian wilderness.


Utah sunsets

Sunsets over the stunning Utah Canyonlands, is truly something much more than incredible.

Psychology Projects

Rather than being mentally obliged to the current climate, people have the astounding ability to rise above the present time and place through the course of mental reenactment. Planned reasoning – the demonstration of intellectually mimicking the future – possesses a sizable piece of self-produced perception and works with our ability to viably get ready for impending occasions and advance future prosperity. In spite of the versatile capability of a future-arranged brain, notwithstanding, forthcoming thinking as monotonous stress over the future can fuel misery and poor emotional well-being. We will perform two investigations that prepare towards eventually advancing versatile prospection by (a) extensively describing how imminent speculation capacities in day to day existence and (b) evaluating the neurocognitive instruments that characterize and recognize versatile forthcoming thinking from its less versatile structures.